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Monitor Audio Outdoor Speaker

The Benefits Of Outdoor Speakers

the best outdoor speakers 2021 If we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s how to love our homes. Being locked down in your house really makes you realise how much you want to update! Because the lovely summer weather is now disappearing, we may be moving the sun loungers into the shed. But that

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KNX Smart Home Design

KNX Smart Switches: The Ultimate Guide About The Finishing Touch!

KNX | Smart Home | Design What is KNX? KNX is a Smart Home system that allows you to integrate all the newest technologies into your home. Integrate lighting, security, heating, music and more, all whilst keeping within the design principles of your home. Whether building or renovating, there are so many design choices to be

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Creating a home cinema room – 2 things to consider

Home Cinema Room – Secrets to success Acoustic Pixel are experts in home cinema room design and installation. We are here to help whether you want a loft cinema room, a basement room cinema or an epic living room sound system!  Incorporating a quality home cinema room into a property can transform how you enjoy your

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What is the best smart home system?

WHAT IS the BEST smart home system FOR YOUr home? There are several smart home systems available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Our team at Acoustic Pixel can work with you to select the best way forward for your home. We will discuss your requirements and choose the best

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Amina Invisible Speakers

How To: Choose The Right Discreet Speakers

Let the music play If you love to have a soundtrack to your day, but don’t love the sight of bulky heavy speakers on show, you’ve come to the right place! With so many people now WFH, having a favourite playlist, podcast or radio station throughout the day playing throughout your home, through discreet speakers

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What You Need To Know: How To Build A Home Cinema In A Small Space

how to build a cinema room in a small space It’s a common misconception that to have a cinema within your home, you need a lot of space. Although a large theatre filled with plush chairs and a gigantic screen can be a great spectacle, it isn’t always what every customer desires. Sometimes a multi-function

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Smart heating installer

Home Automation: A Beginners Guide

Home Automation gives you control of devices in your home from your mobile. But it’s not quite as basic as that. Smart systems such as Amazon Alexa have allowed people to switch off lights and turn the heating on now for many years, that technology isn’t anything we’re unfamiliar with. Home automation goes one step

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