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Creating a home cinema room – 2 things to consider

Home Cinema Room – Secrets to success Acoustic Pixel are experts in home cinema room design and installation. We are here to help whether you want a loft cinema room, a basement room cinema or an epic living room sound system!  Incorporating a quality home cinema room into a property can transform how you enjoy your

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Loft Cinema Room

A LOFT CINEMA ROOM – THE PERFECT SPACE! Creating a loft cinema room is one of the most exciting room conversions you can undertake! Acoustic Pixel love to transform previously under used rooms into stunning entertainment spaces for you and your family! Loft home cinema room conversions are among our favourite projects!   Acoustic Pixel are experts in the design and installation of home

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Smart Home Installation – Wired or Wireless?

SMART HOME INSTALLATION – RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! A smart home installation can totally transform the way you enjoy and experience your home! Finally, the smart home has arrived! And there is no going back now! Ever since the Jetson’s was screened on US TV in the early 1960’s, we have been teased with the prospect

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A Background Music System – At the Forefront of Customer Experience

HOW A BACKGROUND MUSIC SYSTEM TRANSFORMS CLIENT EXPERIENCE Our team at Acoustic Pixel have worked with many different types of business to install a background music system. We can’t wait to work with you! The importance of having a background music system can never be underestimated. Customers are demanding a better experience from retailers and

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About Acoustic Pixel

An interview with Acoustic Pixel Director, Stephen Gibson How do you describe what Acoustic Pixel does? Acoustic Pixel is an Audio Visual business serving 2 distinct markets Commercial Clients – by using audio visual technology, we help businesses collaborate and communicate with their colleagues and customers. Sample projects might include video conferencing, digital signage, boardroom

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How much does home automation cost?

How much does a home automation system cost? Home Automation  – An investment in your lifestyle  Making your home smart is becoming more and more popular. With the improvements in technology and the fall in cost, both new build and existing homes are being fitted with smart home automation technology. Having a home that works

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