In a world where people are being bombarded by messages, digital signage solutions are an important tool to help businesses be seen and heard.

what is digital signage?

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Digital signage is a subgroup of signage, designed to deliver information efficiently and effectively. A series of digital signs show digital images, video, web pages, weather data, menus, text, and other relevant information. Digital signage solutions are often utilised in commercial offices, retail, leisure and hospitality and transport hubs..

Digital signage as industry is growing rapidly. In 2016, the global market had surpassed £10 billion and it is estimated that it will exceed £20 billion by 2025. Now is the right time to discuss how a digital signage solution can help your business!

WHAT sectors utilise
digital signage solutions?

The sectors  that  benefit the most from installing digital signage solutions are  wide and varied. In fact, there are very few businesses that couldn’t find some beneficial use for them. Here are some sectors that have been early adopters of digital signage:

  • Hospitality/Leisure Have you been to a McDonalds or a nice bar recently? In hospitality/leisure environments, a digital signage solution will allow you to vastly improve your customer experience. The content on digital signage screens can be changed at the touch of a button, as the menu changes from breakfast or when a new promotion is being launched.  Dozens of screens at single or multi premise sites can be changed instantly. You even have the flexibility to have different messages or content on individual screens. Digital signage installations are becoming a key feature of the hospitality and leisure sectors.
  • Healthcare: Medical facilities are busy places and are often stressful environments for patients and staff. Digital signage has many practical applications in healthcare including: allowing patients to check in through screens, presenting relevant clinic information, updating patients on  ‘live’ waiting times, providing medical information and even providing TV content for entertainment purposes. These can all be beneficial aspects of a digital signage solution. 

  • Retail Stores: Whether it be a clothing store or a department store, seeing a product being demoed is the best way to entice someone to buy it. Digital signage solutions are being used in more and more engaging ways to deliver personalised adverts to clients as they walk past the screens in store. Again, digital signage installations provide an efficient way to change branding/promotional offers and to use video to drive engagement with customers.

  • Office Environments: Businesses that operate from offices are finding interesting ways to use digital signage solutions. Corporate videos and personalised client ‘welcome messages’ can be shown on reception screens while business critical dashboard information can be displayed on screens in the relevant departments. While corporate messages can be shown and delivered to the right people at the right time, digital signage offers corporate marketers a more effective communication tool.

  • Emergency Services: When you need information quickly and from various sources, a digital signage solution can be extremely useful. Combined with new technology like video over IP, our team of audio visual experts are able to create solutions that make complex operations work simply.

BENEFITS OF Digital signage

Depending on your industry, digital signage solutions can provide different benefits. Here are a few that are regularly found:

  • Become Dynamic: Over recent years we have awoken to the fact that advertising is best when it is as dynamic and as targeted as possible. No two customers are identical. Digital signage can be customised and amended rapidly. Keeping your marketing dynamic and agile will help you to get your message across

  • Improve Internal Communication: Getting communication right is one of the hardest things for a business to get right. Digital signage can provide novel and interesting ways of engaging your staff and clients.

  • Increase Sales: There are many ways to do this, but as discussed earlier, showing timely and relevant product promotions or even similar products can drive increased awareness and sales.

  • Branding: There is little doubt that a slick digital signage solution brings positive connotations. What do you think when you visit a business that has invested in technology?  It can be a great tool to help you differentiate your brand,

Possible Digital signage solutions

We’ve established all the reasons digital signage should be in your future, so now, let’s look at two good options for you.

  1. Signagelive: This platform has been established for 20 years  and works in over 40 different countries. Signagelive allows you to design, implement and manage content.  It is a good fit with multiple industries. Contact our team for a demonstration.

  2. Samsung MagicINFO: Samsung is name you know and trust. With the 2019 release of MagicINFO 7, they provide an end to end digital signage solution. This includes device management, content management, and data analysis. It is a full-service solution for your business. Contact our team for a demonstration

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