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A stunning video wall installation can transform how you communicate with your customers and engage your team


Every business is looking for that next competitive advantage to help them grab more of the proverbial pie. In the eyes of marketers, putting themselves in the shoes of their customers has never been more important to their success. Consumers have more information, more options, and more leverage than they ever have before.

This is an equation that means businesses need to be more strategic and more in tune with their customer base than ever before. To satisfy client demand, they must be able to deliver effective communications in a timely and  engaging manner. Businesses are often left trying to find creative and competitive ways to share their product and service offering, brand messaging, and general information.

A video wall installation may be the way to make your business stand out from the crowd!


Video walls are made up of many different screens that are tiled together to create one large screen that can then be broadcast on. You may have seen these in your favourite sports bar or in the airport, but they are an excellent way to deliver internal and external corporate communications too!  Acoustic Pixel design and install video wall solutions from LG, Samsung and Philips.

Video walls are a great way to present your message in a visually stunning way and that is the reason that we are seeing a growing number of video wall installation projects across the UK . In fact, estimates suggest that the market for video walls will reach $35 billion over the next decade. Video walls are a growing business tool. How could your business benefit from a video wall installation?


Let’s take a little bit of time now to understand the benefits of a video wall installation, and what makes them a valuable business asset.

  • Static Images & Messaging are Boring: Call it lazy, call it uninspired, but it is the truth. When writing notes got to be too long, we took to Facebook to share our thoughts. When that become too much to write and read. When that was too much effort, we began to just post photo’s and video’s on Instagram and Snapchat. We live in the age of multi-media and video walls allow you to deliver engaging content in a way that demands attention.

  • Versatility: Video walls allow you to make changes and updates with ease. You can rearrange content, change messaging, set up content schedules, and this can all be done by people with very little to no IT skills.

  • Make Content Your Focus: If you ask any marketer in 2020, they will tell you two things matter most, content and quality. Video walls allow you to focus on both of these. Content is constantly changing, and it comes in many forms. Being able to have a dynamic set up to deliver different types of content in a variety of ways is essential. For some content it may make sense to display the entire video wall as one image where others it may make sense to display multiple pieces of content on individual monitors. With video walls your choices are pretty endless, and you can do all of this with maximum impact.

  • Superior Technical Capabilities: From higher resolution to superior processing power, these displays are created to run smoothly and create stunning visuals. Additionally, they are designed to require very little maintenance while running effectively non-stop.

  • Great Across Multiple Industries: You may have seen these in a sports bar or an airport, but it doesn’t stop there. These displays are perfect for any setting where there will be an audience. All businesses have a story to tell, a message to share, and these are a perfect way to do so. Many of our clients also use the video wall installation as a vehicle to drive improved collaboration within their workforce.



In a world of so much ‘noise’ it is increasingly important to get your message heard. Whether that is external communication to your customers or internal with your staff, a video wall can deliver a message in a way that other mediums can’t. A video wall installation is designed to stand out and standing out may never have been more important for businesses than it is right now. Video walls offer you creative and quality ways to stand out with your content. Wherever there is an audience that you want to share your message with, a video wall installation is worth considering.


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