Cozy Loft Cinema Room: A Families Getaway

A stunning home cinema tucked away in the loft of a beautifully renovated Victorian property in Sheffield, Yorkshire. With the attention to detail at its finest, we feel proud to have worked on this uniquely designed project. From a mesmerisingly vivid screen to the stunning acoustics – this cinema room has everything a family could dream of & more. 

Meeting the family

The Whysall family home could not be more enticing. It’s clear from the outside that the property is full of history and character. When you step inside it becomes clear that this is not just a great building, but a warm and welcoming home.

 Design and aesthetics are at the forefront of the renovation. Everything is trendy but timeless. Modern but classic. Whilst working on designing the cinema room, we strived to provide the best advice and solutions for equipment, along with our high quality of service. 


To create a room that everybody in the family will enjoy. Not only a brilliant home cinema system but also the ability to watch TV, play on games consoles and listen to music. 


A wide screen with a vivid 4K Epson projector that will display films beautifully, paired with a combination of Monitor Audio and M&K Sound speakers that will blow everybody’s socks off. A Savant automation system with a sleek smart remote to control the projector, Apple TV, sound system and the Lutron lighting system. Everything you want and need, at the touch of a button (well… touch of a screen).

Loft Cinema Room
"I wanted somewhere really fun for the family to have a place to go. The nights we've had in here together as a family have been amazing."
Helen Whysall


The Epson EH-TW9400 projector, in our opinion, is the best value for money, 4K projector, available today. Discussing a budget is super important when putting together a list of the client’s wants and needs. We always want to ensure that the client can choose to splurge or save on what matters the most to them. This Epson provides the best of both worlds. Its mid-point price would suggest that more expensive options would achieve a much higher picture quality, but in this case, the image, colours and quality are truly stunning.


When designing the soundscape in a room, not every cinema room needs to have huge speakers that are glaringly obvious. Hidden behind the widescreen projector is where the magic happens. Acoustic Pixel cleverly used an acoustically transparent projector screen, to keep the aesthetic of the room focussed on the decor and not the tech. This amazing projector screen is acoustically transparent. The screen enables the speakers to be hidden and reduces the amount of tech on show.

Lutron Lighting

Adding Lutron lighting into this cinema room was a game-changer. The sleek control panel has settings to fit every mood in the room. The soft and warm lighting gives a cosy and warm feeling to match the gorgeous woodwork and can be controlled remotely. The different lighting options can be set to personal preferences, which adds to the luxurious experience of having a private cinema room within the home.
Home Cinema Installation Yorkshire Sheffield


If your dream is to bring the big screen experience to your own home with a dedicated cinema room. Let us make that dream a reality! An incredible home cinema is possible in a relatively small space, such as a spare bedroom, so please talk to us!



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