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Acoustic Pixel design and install smart heating solutions. From a single room project or as part of a full smart home installation – our team are here to help. 

A smart climate control system is so much more than saving money and helping the environment, it’s about creating a comfortable and cosy home for your loved ones.

Reduce costs and enhance your lifestyle

A warm and cosy home is essential to our everyday comfort, but this can often come at quite a cost. With many of us heating our entire home from top to bottom, we typically only use up to 30% of our home at any one time. Not only is this bad for our bank accounts, but it’s also harmful to the environment. An automated heating system can work wonders when it comes to keeping your family warm and comfortable, while minimising waste and maximising efficiency.

Other systems like smart shading can be added to create a more rounded climate control solution. Integrating blinds and curtains provide the capability to close or open them automatically as the room temperature rises or falls. They can also be programmed to protect against the glare of the sun or even to mimic occupancy – giving your home an extra level of security. Smart heating can be part of a smarter life-style.

Talk to our team about how smart shading systems can be integrated into your heating control project.


The temperature of your home is key to your comfort. When we get in after a long day, or we’re having an afternoon on the sofa with the family, we want to feel relaxed and cosy, and temperature is key to this. Many of us still run off outdated systems, that means we’re often having to manually adjust them ourselves, and more importantly are wasting a lot of money every year on heating that we just don’t need. Choosing to update to a smart heating system ensures your system is fuss free and super efficient.

With a smart heating installation, temperature and humidity can be automatically adjusted in individual rooms, or in the whole home. Alternatively, temperature can be intelligently adjusted based on occupancy, which means less wastage.

While the system might take care of everything for you, it’s you that chooses your initial requirements. Control your system via an easy to use app, or all from an on wall smart room controller. Your smart climate control will ensure maximum efficiency, while allowing you to remain in control. 

Ever wondered how much a smart home costs? Take a look at our blog post!


While some prefer to be able to adjust their systems themselves, others prefer to sit back in the knowledge that everything is taken care of. Your automated heating installation will adjust around you and can switch off rooms when they’re not in use, in addition intelligent climate control can actively monitor humidity levels and will automatically adjust the ventilation system to achieve your chosen level.


At Acoustic Pixel we work with you to create your perfect system. Offering state of the art climate control systems, we can advise you on what will work best to suit your needs, as well as completing the installation process too, so everything is taken care of for you.  Using a KNX system, we can integrate most types of heating solutions – underfloor, radiators, ground source heat pump etc. Just tell us about your plans and we can provide a solution!

Ready to get your home working harder for you? Invest in a smart heating installation as part of your smart home project..


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