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Acoustic Pixel are delighted to be a trained Savant Smart Home installer. 

Discover the ultimate in smart homes, with Savant. Easy living starts with seamless automation, offering you a fuss free way to experience life at home – just the way it should be at the end of a long day.

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A Savant Smart Home has been synonymous with luxury living since 2005. When choosing which brands to offer our smart home customers, Savant was top of our list. A Savant solution is intuitive to use, beautifully designed and our customers will enjoy it for many tears to come!

Savant were the first smart home company to embrace mobile tech, they quickly understood how important customer experience is. Whether in the home or away from home, a Savant home automation system is a pleasure to use!

A Savant smart home is our first choice for the most beautiful homes.


Our fast paced 21st century lifestyles calls for a simpler way to manage our homes, yet many of us continue to manually run and adjust all of our systems individually, creating extra work for ourselves and using up precious time that could instead be spent relaxing, or with friends and families. A great home control system takes care of these daily and often mundane tasks for you, and in actual fact, runs your home more efficiently than you ever could manually.


With Savant you can control your home security, lighting, entertainment and climate, all from a single app. Designed with the unique home in mind, Savant Pro can even deliver solutions for your pool, or home cinema.

Ever wondered how much a smart home costs? Take a look at our blog post!

A BEAUTIFUL smart home

Imagine a weekend at home, hosting a dinner party for friends you haven’t seen in some time. The wine is flowing, the lighting is low, the temperature spot on and the music crisp and uninterrupted, all controlled by Savant. While upstairs the kids are comfortable in bed, and should they wake, their path to the bathroom will be lit for them, leaving you free to enjoy your evening.


You can create your own unique Savant home, making use of all or just some of the features to help you live your life in a more streamlined way.

Benefits of a savant SMART HOME

Lighting, heating, security, door access, audio or video distribution – your project might include some elements or all of them! A Savant smart home installation would be a wise choice!

– Your home controlled from a single intuitive app

– Notifications when you’re away from home, alerting you to anything unusual

– The ability to control your home, no matter where you are

– The option to set up profiles for anyone that might use your home, to allow them to take charge

– Full control to streamline your lifestyle, reduce consumption and energy bills, and enhance home security

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