Smart Lighting

A smart lighting system has the potential to transform any space. As a stand alone solution or part of a wider smart home project – lighting control is essential for the modern home.

Discover how an automated lighting system could elevate the way you experience your home. Once you’ve installed a smart lighting solution, your house will never look the same again!

Light up your life

An automated lighting installation is so much more than timers and on/off switches on your phone. It’s lighting that responds to how you choose to live your life. A tool that will support you everyday, without you even having to think about it or lift a finger. It’s a way of life, and once you experience it, you’ll never look back.

Our team are experienced in designing and installing smart lighting systems for single rooms like a kitchen or entire homes. We have access to a range of lighting control solutions including Lutron, KNX and Rako. You can be confident that we can provide the right solution for your project.

Smart Lighting

A Guiding light

Imagine getting home at the end of a long day. As you pull into the drive, it is lit ready and waiting for you. You open the front door, into your already lit, warm and welcoming hallway. You make your way upstairs to change into something more comfortable, head to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine, with every room you step into already bathed in warm and low level lighting. Feel relaxed, welcomed home, and everything slots into place seamlessly, without you even having to think.

Lighting is one of the most important elements of the home, according to interior designers. It has the ability to completely transform a space, adding focus, setting the mood, creating interest and supporting the way in which you choose to live in that space.


When combined, the design and function of lighting can create an incredible experience. Beautiful, practical and functional, a great automated lighting system can completely transform the way you live in your home.



While lighting systems that allow you to light up your home before you arrive, or dim lighting from your phone are helpful, they’re not as efficient as they could be. Automated lighting is different. It’s not the pre-programming of lighting on timers, or the manual turning on and off from your phone, it’s a system that reacts to you, as you live your life, in real time.


Take getting up in the night to use the bathroom for example, your lighting system can safely light your way. Using a low level light that won’t interrupt your sleepy state, but will guide you safely, and once you’re back in bed, it’ll switch off again. It’s features like this that once we know are a possibility, make perfect sense.

Working with our smart lighting designer, you can create the perfect environment to live.

smart Lighting in more ways than one

Not only can an automated lighting system elevate your lifestyle, it can also help you reduce your energy consumption as well as keeping your home safe. When your lighting is automated, you’re only using exactly what you need. Instead of lighting up your entire home, your system responds to motion, and just lights the rooms you are using, saving on consumption and in turn your energy bill. In addition, your system can mimic your activity while you’re away to act as a deterrent, and can even light up your house using a flashing system to deter any unwanted visitors.

Let our team design the perfect smart lighting installation for your home.


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