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Acoustic Pixel are proud to a Lutron Installer.

Lutron are market leaders in lighting control and automated shading products. Offering solutions for both retrofit and new build projects, Lutron have a range of world class options for smart home and commercial installations.



As an established Lutron installer, Acoustic Pixel can help you design and install the most appropriate solution for your project. Whether your aspiration is to have a new build house full of smart lighting and smart shading or perhaps lighting control in just a single room – Lutron have a solution that can help. Our team can showcase Lutron lighting solutions at our Harrogate smart home showroom or at the Lutron Experience centre in London.

A Lutron installation can positively impact your lighting at home, allowing you to set the mood for your lifestyle. Ideal if you live in a home with many dual purpose rooms, Lutron can help you create both low level or bright light from the same light fitting, depending on your needs.



The wireless lighting control solution – perfect for a retrofit installation.

As a Lutron installer, we are often asked to provide smart lighting solutions on existing properties where it isn’t practical or cost effective to run new cables. Thankfully, the Lutron RA2 Select range provides a wireless smart lighting and blind solution. Lutron RA2 Select make it simple to create the smartest of homes. 

Using the free Lutron App, you can easily control lights, lamps and blinds. Start with one room and expand to a complete smart home installation – it is that flexible! Easily schedule lights and blinds to perform at specific times, set keypad buttons to control multiple lights so your house can be put to sleep and even schedule a ‘smart away’ mode where lights will mimic occupancy when you aren’t there! There is a Lutron lighting solution for your project and your budget.


Lighting seems like a simple and unimportant aspect of our homes, one that many of us pay little attention to. However, lighting is an extremely important detail, and is often considered one of the key parts of interior design by professional designers. Lighting has the ability to completely change a room, how you live in it and how you feel.

With various options available, you can use Lutron in one room, or across your entire home. This makes Lutron a great option , even if you are working to a budget. Dim lamps and lights, add an accent of colour change, set scenes to transform your mood and much more!

Whether you’re buying a new home or simply want to upgrade your current home, Lutron can help you maximise your lighting system and simplify your lifestyle. Get in touch to find out more.


Visit our incredible home cinema and smart home showroom in Harrogate or one of the demonstration centres around the country.
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