Installers of the finest home automation and smart home technology. 

Showroom in Harrogate, Yorkshire serving the UK


Installers of the finest home automation and smart home technology. 

Showroom in Harrogate, Yorkshire, serving the UK


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Acoustic Pixel design and install smart home systems for clients across the UK. With a showroom in Harrogate, Yorkshire and demonstration centres in London and the South East, we are perfectly positioned to showcase the benefits of home automation. Imagine controlling your heating, lighting, CCTV, door access, music and entertainment through one simple interface – Acoustic Pixel can simplify your life through technology!



Imagine a home that adjusts lighting automatically depending on the time of day, or subtly increases the temperature when rooms are unexpectedly being used or perhaps a home that can activate the alarm, turn off the lights and heating at the press of a button. Smart home automation has the capability to transform the way you interact with your home. If designed and installed correctly, a smart home can remove thousands of time consuming tasks and make daily life that little bit easier.

Controlling your automated home from the touch of a button is quick, easy and simple with our home automation systems.  As trained and approved partners of Savant, Loxone, Lutron and other control systems, Acoustic Pixel have the credibility and expertise to select, design and install your smart home automation system in accordance with your requirements and budget.

Whether you are looking to control one room, multiple rooms or the whole home, we are here to help you identify which automation features will enhance your life. This will ensure your smart home delivers everything you want. Put simply, Acoustic Pixel is committed to creating smart homes that work exactly as the owner wants.



Allow your surroundings to adapt around you , your mood and your individual needs. Our smart homes can adapt to the time of day and time of the year to make sure you are comfortable, while reducing your energy bills!


Unlike off the shelf products where you might have one app for heating and one app for security, we design and install home automation systems that integrate every element of the project into one control system. This provides a superior user experience as everything is working together from the same place!


When designed correctly, lighting can transform your home like an artists paint transforms a blank canvas. It can emphasise features, alter moods and capture scenes. Furthermore we can use the lighting to add colour   Ultimately, it is a must have feature of any home automation system.

Together, the design and control of lighting can significantly enhance your living  environment and reduce energy bills. Then when integrated into a home automation system, genuine security benefits can be realised. We can mimic occupancy to deter would be intruders and light up your home with flashing lights if someone is somewhere they shouldn’t be!

Acoustic Pixel staff are trained to install Lutron, Rako and Loxone lighting systems. This knowledge enables us to choose the right solution that will integrate with your light fittings and wider home automation system. Whether your priority is to save money, create a certain atmosphere or improve security, our team are here to provide smart lighting solutions that are stunning, practical and cost effective.



If your priority is to save energy, automated lighting can reduce consumption and associated costs by altering brightness based on the time of day or night. .


Automated lighting can be very effective in making a property appear occupied and may act as a deterrent to potential intruders. This is particularly useful for evenings and periods when the property is empty.

Climate COntrol SYSTEMS

Apart from choosing what to watch on the TV, is there a subject that causes more arguments than the heating?! With our home automation systems we can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity in rooms to suit your pre set requirements, intelligently adjust temperature based on occupancy and you can control it all via a smart device or clever wall switch. 

As well as comfort and convenience, our home automation systems can integrate with various green energy (and traditional) heating installations to help you monitor usage – giving  you an insight into the systems performance and efficiency. 

We install home automation systems which are user-friendly and help you intelligently make your home more comfortable and cheaper to run.


Intelligent climate control can actively monitor the level of humidity in a room and automatically turn on the ventilation system to maintain the correct level.


Easily controllable from your smart device, we create heating control systems that adjust around you leaving you to enjoy your precious spare time with your family.


Access Control systems can identify who is at the front door or property gate – even if you’re not in the house. You never have to miss a parcel again! When integrated with a home automation system, unlocking your door can trigger a series of events that make coming home with the shopping and kids much easier! The door entry system can deactivate the alarm, welcome you home with a well lit porch and hallway and even play your favourite music! Little things that make your life easier!


Set temporary access codes for visiting trades, see and speak to your delivery drivers when you're out and get notifications letting you know when the kids are in from school.


Live footage from cameras can be viewed from any device whether you're inside the house or on the other side of the planet!


For complete peace of mind, remote monitoring of your home gives you access to smart home technology at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world. 

With remote monitoring, you have the facility to proactively monitor and manage all your smart devices, whether this is related to adjusting your thermostat, viewing CCTV footage, or receiving real-time alerts for anomalies at home such as low temperature warnings or unusual activity. 


With a smart home security system, monitor household activity from anywhere in the world, giving you on-the-go peace of mind.


Instant alerts can notify you when a window is left open or the hob switched on.


Unparalleled convenience – View your whole home at a glance and use quick access controls to keep everything just the way you like it.

  • Keep an eye on things from anywhere – home is always within arms length.
  • Whole home audio entertainment – Savant Music lets you enjoy high-fidelity content from your collection or stream personalized playlists to any room in the house.
  • Set the mood with a touch – When you have a moment to yourself, tap your “Relax” scene to dim the lights and launch your most mellow playlist.
  • Enjoy a warm welcome – Adjust the temperature, open the shades, and ensure your home is perfectly comfortable by the time you get home.


The Savant Pro 8 App gives you fast access to scenes, services, and settings that let you change the atmosphere in any room with just a tap.


Schedule a "Good Morning" scene to warm up the house, open the blinds, and turn on the news for when you wake up—or set the mood for "Date Night" with a perfect playlist and romantic lighting.


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