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Choosing the right home cinema projector is essential for an epic home cinema room! 

Why do you need a
home cinema projector?

While a large screen TV can deliver an amazing image, there is no doubt that the right home cinema projector takes the whole movie watching experience to a whole new level! The new generation of projectors produce stunning 4K images that simply dwarf what is possible from a TV. If you want a true, immersive, home cinema experience then a projector is a must have! Our team of home cinema designers and installers can help you create your bespoke home cinema room! 


A word of warning though – not all projectors are made equal. When choosing a home cinema projector, you need to be aware that some will be better equipped for your circumstances than others. Interestingly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always get a better result by purchasing a more expensive projector. For example, if you have a relatively bright room then you may consider a projector with a higher lumen output. Some of the most expensive home cinema projectors are designed to be used in very dark environments and as such, they can produce a washed-out image if placed in a bright environment. On the flip side, in a dedicated cinema room these projectors would come into their own – often delivering images that are better than what you see in your local cinema! 

What makes a great
home cinema projector?

Our home cinema design and installation will advise you on what projector will work best for your room and at your budget, but here are a few things to consider when comparing projectors: 


Black levels  

It might sound strange, but projectors are judged by their ability to reproduce black. This is what separates great projectors from average projectors. In a particularly dark scene, the difference can be huge and can transform how much you enjoy your home cinema room experience. At our home cinema room demonstration suites (Harrogate, Yorkshire, London, Berkshire and Hertfordshire) we can show you the difference!  


4K Capability  

More and more content is being produced in 4K and to experience it on a big screen can be mind blowing! A 4K image has 4x the number of pixels than a high definition (1080p) image and consequently creates much sharper, detailed pictures. Projector manufacturers like Epson, have made 4K projectors more accessible by utilising pixel shift technology. Known as enhanced 4K, these projectors can now be purchased for under £2500. For true 4K images, the price rises to around £5000 but you can see the difference! A visit to our Harrogate home cinema showroom gives you the opportunity to experience these two projector technologies side by side, so you can decide for yourself! 


HDR Capability  

High Dynamic Range could be described as the next big thing in display technologies. That is if it wasn’t already here! HDR is important as it can improve 3 elements of the image: colour depth, brightness and contrast ratio. Many of your favourite Netflix shows and Hollywood blockbusters are created in this format, so it is a must that your home cinema projector can handle it! 

3 of our favourite
home cinema projectors

As home cinema designers and installers, we have demonstrated and installed many of the best home cinema projectors on the market today. While the best choice for you will depend on your room and budget, we have selected 3 that we believe you should consider for a dedicated cinema room! Book a demonstration at one of our home cinema showrooms and experience them yourself! 

Note: As the competition is so fierce, we have even thrown in a couple of alternatives to consider! 

epson eh-tw9400

The Epson EH-TW9400 is our first choice when a client is looking for a small home cinema room. This projector is featured in our Harrogate showroom and we think it is arguably the home cinema projector that gives the best ‘bang for your buck! It isn’t a native ‘true’ 4K projector but still creates a fabulous image.  And for less than £2500, it outperforms other more expensive projectors!


  • Affordable 
  • Enhanced 4K  (not true 4K)
  • HDR Capability 
Available to experience at our Harrogate Showroom!

JVC DLA Np5 or Sony VPL-vw270es

For the clients who want to experience a true 4K image, we have two recommendations! These two projectors are for small cinema rooms and media rooms when you don’t want to compromise on picture quality. In comparison to the Epson projector, these two can create ‘blacker’ blacks so the images are crisper and more dynamic!  You can experience the JVC DLA N5 at our showroom!

This level of projector costs around £5000-£7500

  • True 4K 
  • Better black levels 
  • The perfect home cinema projector 
*Find out more about the JVC DLA-NP5 here


As rooms get bigger (or brighter) some of the other projectors may just not pack enough of a punch. This is where the JVC DLA N7 steps up! This is our ‘go-to’ projector for larger rooms and it has received numerous industry awards as being the best ‘home cinema room’ projector around. Also, for those who love gaming this projector benefits from a very low input lag. Come and see it for yourself in the Berkshire showroom! 


  • Incredible all-round performance 
  • Simply the best 4K projector in the home cinema market 
  • Perfect for gaming 


A special mention should also be made for the JVC DLA N9 – Capable of delivering an enhanced 8K image! Yes, it is expensive but if you want to be ahead of the crowd then this is the projector that will do just that! 


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