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For M&K Sound, the ‘Choice of the Professionals’ claim is much more than a marketing slogan! M&K Sound is one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers that are trusted in professional circles.

Many of the world´s eminent musicians, singers, producers, directors and engineers working in hundreds of film, music, broadcast and postproduction studios worldwide, choose M&K loudspeakers. Every day they make hundreds of artistic decisions based upon what they hear on their speakers. The trust they have in Miller & Kreisel speakers allows them to work quickly and effectively as they create the most breath-taking film soundtracks and music. 

Enjoy professional cinema sound at home!

An Iconic Home Cinema Brand

M&K Sound have been at the forefront of sound development for nearly 50 years. M&K speakers were used in the development of Dolby digital cinema. As well as in the first public demonstration of the high-quality blue-ray disk format.

With close links to Hollywood studios, many blockbuster movies have been mixed on M&K Sound speakers over the years.  Some academy award winners mixed and edited on M&K monitors include Chicago, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl Harbour and Lord of the Rings!

The speakers were also used in the sound production of one of the most popular movie series of all time, Star Wars, and several other award-winning movies, music, and television series. They are the choice of Hollywood movie makers, which is why we install them in home cinemas across the UK! 

THE M&K Sound Difference

The M&K Sound philosophy is based on transporting the listener to the place where the actual recording was made. They don’t seek to subtract or enhance the sound – they simply reveal exactly what the artist intended you to hear! Consequently, the M&K Sound speaker is a favourite amongst professional movie studios because it reveals everything!

As well as being a fabulous speaker, M&K come in a wide range of installation options. They can be installed on-wall, in-wall/ceiling or even freestanding. M&K Sound are a brand that have helped shape the home cinema industry and we are delighted to be able to install the in cinema rooms across the UK!

Our team of THX trained home cinema designers can create a bespoke system for your room

M&K Sound Speaker Range

Our home cinema designers appreciate that every cinema sound system project is different. We create rooms in spaces of various sizes and to many performance requirements. And this is why we love M&K Sound! From the new, ultra slim ‘M’ Series to the incredible ‘5.1 Movie’ package (available for under £2000), M&K provide a solution for smaller and budget conscious spaces. And as you step up through the range, you will find some of the most iconic home cinema speakers ever!

Many of the speakers have received THX certification, showing that they can deliver exceptional performance in various room sizes. The 150 series and V12 sub woofers feature in our Harrogate showroom, while the compact in wall 85 are demonstrated in our West Yorkshire room.  And for the bigger rooms, we can demonstrate 300 series speakers and X series at M&K Sound’s main demonstration space in Berkshire! 


Learn more about the M&K speaker range here



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