Lighting for your home
cinema room

Having a fabulous sound system and an incredible projector (or large screen TV) are the core components of any cinema room. Though it is often the time taken to design the home cinema lighting that transforms the overall ‘feel’ of the room. Once we have controlled the amount of light entering the space, we can begin to add some subtle (or not so subtle!) lighting to personalise the cinema room to your own unique taste. Then we can add lighting control so that you can enjoy different lighting scenes at the touch of a button – your home cinema lighting can be exactly how you want it! 

A Home Cinema under the stars

Perhaps the ultimate feature in any home cinema room lighting design is the star light ceiling! Utilising beautiful fibre optic ‘stars’ we can create a stunning environment to enjoy your favourite movies or to just relax! It can be so relaxing that some of our customers claim that the twinkling star light ceiling even helps their babies sleep! Combined with a lighting control system, you can change the star colours at any time or just let them twinkle gently as you relax in your stunning room! We can create you a small window of star light (1m x 1m) or cover the whole ceiling for the most dazzling cinema lighting effect! 

Creative home cinema room lighting

When we design and install your home cinema, we know that you will have a vision of what you want the cinema room to look like. Gone are the days when cinema room lighting consisted of some coloured LED tape around the walls. Our team of highly trained home cinema installers utilise cinema frame technology (from Cinema Build Systems) to create stunning, bespoke home cinema lighting effects on the walls, floor and ceiling! Coloured lighting can be used to create the effect of a floating wall at the front of the room, or light can be subtly placed between side panels to create an incredible finish. Your home cinema room can be painted with beautiful lighting! 

Spotlights and LED Downlights

While the above lighting provides your cinema room with the wow factor, some of your home cinema lighting needs to be functional too. If the room is going to feature a bar area or be used for other things, you will most likely want to include LED Downlights in the lighting design. Using strategically placed dimmable downlights, you will be able to enjoy a drink in the bar area or a game of pool without stumbling around in the dark! Moreover, using up lights or floor-based spotlights can help people access or leave the cinema room safely too. You might also want to use spotlights to highlight pieces of artwork, posters or memorabilia that really put your personal stamp on the cinema room. 


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