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Background Music System


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The importance of having a background music system can never be underestimated. Customers are demanding a better experience from retailers and service providers to win their loyalty. 


Many businesses are having to adapt their customer service strategies to improve their customer experience and maintain their brand. This includes keeping up with digital advancements to include ambient background music to deliver a more well-rounded and pleasant experience for their clientele.

Background Music System Retail

Who needs a background music installation?

Many businesses operating in the retail and hospitality sectors would benefit from having a background music system installed. These include retail shops, hotels, bars and restaurants. But also any place where people congregate, such as churches, art galleries, museums and tourist information centres.

Having ambient background music playing when people are visiting a pub or restaurant can encourage diners to better connect with their surroundings and put away their smartphones to share an engaging conversation instead. 

The addition of appropriate background music can help retailers and hospitality providers to reinforce their brand identity and leave a lasting positive impression in the minds of their customers. Hospitality businesses especially, such as restaurants, bars and hotels should focus their efforts on providing their guests with an immersive experience that helps draw their guests into the ‘here and now’, allowing for a meaningful connection to form. Here is where having a background music system installation can present you with many opportunities.

Retail Music System Restaurant

Your background music choice is an influential factor in your customer’s perception of your brand. Having a professional background music system will allow you to build a perfect soundtrack to your business that works in sync with your other atmospheric elements. For example, if you are running a Valentines Day special at your restaurant, you can set the background music to reflect the romance of the occasion and encourage your diners to linger longer over drinks and extra desserts.


With a little bit of imagination and some careful curation, you can build a soundtrack that marries well with what your customers will be expecting to see, hear and feel when visiting your venue. Your background music helps greatly to enforce your brand values and creates an enjoyable experience for your customers.

Background Music System Hotel


Over many decades of research, there have been several studies that show the effects that background music has in a retail environment. Some general conclusions include: 


• Background music played in-store has a profound effect on brand and product perception
• The music genre you choose can influence perceived shopping time
• What tempo you play music can directly affect how long customers spend in-store
• Your chosen music genre can influence what customers buy
• Your music volume can influence both perceived shopping time and actual shopping time


So you can see how the integration of a background music system in your commercial setting, can have a positive effect on how much time a customer spends engaging with your business and how they regard it. 

Pub music system installation

By optimising the latest technology for a more engaging experience in your venue, you will be creating a fully immersive experience for your customers or guests that will stay with them long after they have left your establishment.


No matter whether you want a subtle background music system for your church or other gathering place, or you want a more prominent music system to get your customers engaged in your pub or bar, we can help to provide you with a background music system solution that will perfectly reflect your brand identity and deliver the results you need. 


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