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How To: Choose The Right Discreet Speakers

Let the music play

If you love to have a soundtrack to your day, but don’t love the look of big heavy speakers on show, you’ve come to the right place! With so many people now WFH, having a favourite playlist, podcast or radio station throughout the day playing throughout your home though some discreet speakers can be much more comfortable than sat with your headphones on.

In-ceiling speakers have long been the solution to discreet speakers and audio within the home. Originally designed for commercial spaces, they work amazingly with high ceilings and big spaces. For some, in-ceiling speakers will do the job! However for those who are after stunning acoustics that are designed to work within domestic living spaces, we have some new and stunning options.
Choosing the right speakers can be tricky, but we’ve selected 3 solutions of discreet speakers so you can see what might work for you!


Lyndorf has recently brought out a technology called RoomPerfect. What this technology achieves is the perfect sound in any room. Whilst in-ceiling speakers have commonly been used within homes to create a discreet way of playing music, they were developed for industrial spaces and therefore don’t always sound the greatest within residential spaces. This is where RoomPerfect comes in. If you really love high-quality sound, this is the technology you will want to invest in. 


If you are looking for not just room-filling sound, but house filling sound, Sonos is a solution that is flexible, easy to install and looks great. Whilst the devices may not be invisible, they come in a range of finishes, shapes and sizes that you can nestle away on a shelf or side that will still bring your room wicked audio. Sonos’s design means you can connect speakers and devices wirelessly so you can play music, audiobooks and more throughout your entire home. Due to its brilliant range. there will certainly be something that will work brilliantly in your personal space. 

We’re proud official installers of Sonos, our team will be able to help you decide exactly what will work for your budget and space!


Amina is where a discreet sound system is taken to a whole new level. Amina speakers are designed to be plastered into the wall, becoming completely invisible. The audio technology is so clever that you will be shocked at how great they sound. For those who have designed a room where speakers on show just won’t fit with the design and aesthetic, Amina is a truly amazing option. 

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