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Home Automation: A Beginners Guide

Home Automation gives you control of devices in your home from your mobile. But it’s not quite as basic as that. Smart systems such as Amazon Alexa have allowed people to switch off lights and turn the heating on now for many years, that technology isn’t anything we’re unfamiliar with. Home automation goes one step further to create a home environment that intelligently keeps your favourite space exactly how you like it. 

What does home automation mean?

Devices that control your home’s climate, lighting and security are hooked up to a system can be controlled remotely and programmed to react to certain triggers. Home automation allows you to schedule event and also be non-scheduled. If you like your bedroom to be set at 18° at night but woke up to a slightly toasty of 20°, your heating system will be told to do that. 

Have you ever given your neighbour a key whilst you go on holiday, to open and close the curtains? Now your home can do that for you! On the other hand, you can also set responses. Has your alarm been triggered? You can tell your home to turn on the lights. Has the temperature of your south-facing kitchen gotten too hot on a day you’ve left your dog at home? Tell your automated blinds to close and cool down the room. 

The possibilities of these automated systems allow you to have peace of mind and give you more time to enjoy the things you enjoy doing!


Home Automation System


Lutron is an established and leading company for automated lighting and shading control. They have a huge range of options to fit your lifestyle. Solutions include those for new-builds and also home re-fits therefore finding a Lutron system that works for you couldn’t be easier. 

With the ability to create both bright and low light from a single light fitting, you are able to create the ambience you desire within any room of your home.


Most systems can control multiple needs such as climate, lighting, door communication and security. KNX is a sophisticated smart system that can cleverly control the climate of your home with the use of heating and shade control. 

To control the climate in the most energy-efficient way, KNX uses not only central heating but also the use of natural light, using blinds to get the results and temperatures in the rooms you desire.


Keeping your home safe and secure is probably the single most important thing about being a homeowner, especially if you have a family. New technology within home automation takes out the risk factor of human-error. Can’t remember if you set your alarm correctly as you board your flight? Not sure if you locked the door to the back garden? You’ll never have to worry about it again! 

Systems such as KNX and Savant will enable you to not only check if things are how they should be, but also control them. Perhaps your son or daughter has forgotten their key and you need to let them in, you can do it from your phone! By controlling your doors, alarms and security cameras, life really does become so much easier.


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