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M&K Sound - An iconic SPEAKER BRAND

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Come and experience the M&K Sound 150 series in our Harrogate showroom or visit us in Berkshire to experience the M&K Sound 300 series.

The journey of M&K started in 1973 when the lead guitarist of Steely Dan, Walter Becker, charged M&K to design a studio reference subwoofer. This was to be used for the bands forthcoming album Pretzel Logic.

This iconic partnership resulted in M&K Sound designing the world’s first balanced dual-drive sub-woofer, while the Pretzel Logic album was named as one of the 500 greatest albums of all time!

M&K Sound have continued to be at the forefront of sound development and M&K speakers were used in the development of Dolby digital cinema. As well as in the first public demonstration of the high-quality blue-ray disk format.

The M&K  speaker is synonymous with Hollywood and many blockbuster movies have been mixed on M&K Speakers over the years.  Some academy award winners mixed and edited on M&K monitors include Chicago, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl Harbour and Lord of the Rings!

M&K Sound speakers were also used in the sound production of one of the most popular movie series of all time, Star Wars, and several other award-winning movies, music, and television series. They are the choice of Hollywood movie makers, which is why we install them in home cinemas across the UK! 


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The M&K Sound Difference

The M&K Sound speaker is a favourite amongst the film and movie studios for a simple reason – it reveals everything! The M&K philosophy has always been to transport the listener to the place where the actual recording was made. That is exactly what M&K Speakers do. They don’t subtract or enhance the sound – they simply reveal exactly what the artist intended you to hear!

As well as being a fabulous speaker, M&K come in a wide range of installation options. They can be installed on-wall, in-wall/ceiling or even freestanding. M&K Sound are a brand that have helped shape the home cinema industry and we are delighted to be able to install the in cinema rooms across the UK!

Our team of THX trained home cinema designers can create a bespoke system for your room. Take a look at some of our sample M&K Sound speaker packages below.

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M&K Sound 150 series
A SURROUND SOUND 5.2 package

The M&K 150 series is used in recording studios across the globe, and what better speaker to listen to audio than on the speaker  used in the studio! This surround sound, home cinema speaker package will be perfect for a small cinema or media room environment! It comprises:

  • 3 x MK 150 speakers (LCR)
  • 2 x MK IW95 speakers (surrounds)
  • 2 x MK X10 sub-woofers
Investment: £11,000

Building on the ‘Surround’ package above, we take it to the next level by adding 4 height (ceiling) speakers and 2 additional surround speakers. Based on the iconic M&K 150 Series, this is our ‘go-to’ home cinema speaker package. It provides a full dolby atmos experience and creates a fully immersive sound for you to enjoy. This package includes:

  • 3 x MK 150 speakers (LCR)
  • 4 x MK IW85 speakers (surrounds)
  • 4 x MK IW85 speakers (heights)
  • 2 x MK X10 sub-woofers
Investment: £13,500


When M&K decided that they wanted to revisit the home cinema speaker market, they had a challenge on their hands. The 150 series has been the star of home cinema rooms for decades, yet the 300 series has taken the M&K Sound speaker to even greater heights. Combined with the incredible X12 sub-woofer, this M&K 300 speaker package is the ultimate in home cinema. Contact us and arrange a demonstration!

This quite spectacular package includes:

  • 3 x M&K 300 speakers (LCR)
  • 4 x M&K 150 speakers (surrounds)
  • 4 x M&K 150 speakers (heights)
  • 2 x X12 Sub-woofers
Investment: £24,500
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