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If we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s how to love our homes. Being locked down in your house really makes you realise how much you want to update! Because the lovely summer weather is now disappearing, we may be moving the sun loungers into the shed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your time alfresco…
Outdoor speakers are an awesome way to transform your outdoor space. Whether that’s a garden, a patio or simply a balcony. Enjoying music whilst you snuggle around a fire pit or sipping your morning coffee outside can add that extra joy.

We’ve compiled a list of some outdoor speakers that we at Acoustic Pixel have enjoyed installing and our clients love using. 

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Sonance: Garden Series

Sonance range of outdoor speakers all hit the mark. While providing spectacular sound, they also come in various styles to fit into your garden, our outdoor area. The Garden Series speakers provide balanced sound coverage, so even in bigger outdoor settings, they still sound fantastic. The 8.1 system can provide coverage for up to 3500 square feet. So if that isn’t enough, you can double the system by adding another sub and 8 satellites on only one amplifier! Furthermore, Sonance says placing the speakers facing into your property from the perimeter avoids sound travelling and annoying your neighbours. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?!

Monitor Audio: Climate 50
Next up, Monitor Audio Climate 50’s. They are designed to work within a smaller outdoor space. But don’t be fooled, they pack a punch! The casing is IP55 rated, withstanding UV, moisture & extreme temperatures. So even in heavy wind and rain, the speakers sound loud and clear.
The sleek design of the case comes in two colourways and is paintable if you’re considering to disguise them even further.
A pair of speakers typically retail at around £300. For that price, you can’t go wrong.
The quality of Monitor Audio products is always top-notch, so these are certainly a top contender for our favourites!
Sonos by sonance: Outdoor speaker (pair)

Sonos, as we know, specialise in quality wireless speakers. Sonance collaborated with Sonos to design speakers that will work outdoors. The typical indoor speaker’s audio is designed to bounce off walls, while these IP66 rated speakers are designed to throw sound out, much further than just a simple wireless speaker. Designed as a Left & Right stereo pair, the Sonos Outdoor speakers have also been created to work with the Sonos amp, so you know you will get the typically brilliant sound quality you’re after. After the speakers are set up, you can stream music via Apple’s AirPlay, and many other streaming services via the Sonos app! The pair of speakers & amplifier currently retail at £1398. So a higher price point than the Climate 50’s, but the crystal clear audio will remind you why they are worth the cost. 


If you’re looking for an outdoor audio solution, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Lithe All-In-One Bluetooth Outdoor Garden Rock Speaker might provide what you’re looking for. It retails as a single speaker at £224, so you don’t have to splash the cash! You may have spent a long time on landscaping and don’t fancy disrupting the aesthetic with a prominent speaker, so this one fits right in! It’s IP56 rated, and can be paired with another to provide passive audio. Simply connect the speaker with a suitable outdoor power cable, connect your Bluetooth device, any enjoy!

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