What is Home Automation?

So....... just what is home automation then?

Whenever we exhibit at a trade show or a customer wanders into our Harrogate showroom, one of the first questions is always – What exactly is home automation?! 

Benefits of home automation

In the simplest terms, home automation is the ability to have household functions operate automatically without the day to day involvement of the resident. It is the technology that can:

  1. Automate your house lights to go on in sequence if an intruder is detected in your garden – while you aren’t even at home.
  2. Allow you to answer the door bell and open the front door without leaving your favourite armchair.
  3. Close your blinds and curtains automatically when it starts getting dark or even when the room is becoming too warm.
  4. Reduce your energy bills by turning off lights and heating when the rooms aren’t being used.
  5. Put your house to sleep (turn off all lights, arm the alarm, put heating in night mode etc) by tapping a single button
  6. Make your lights come on at an appropriate level depending on the time of day and natural light in the room. For example, there is no need to be startled by the bathroom light during the night or wake the house up with bright lights when you head to the kitchen for a midnight snack! The home automation system will turn the lights on at a low level and guide you to your destination!

In fact, one of our favourite control systems (Loxone) believe that their home automation system can reduce the number of household tasks by 50000 per year! That is a lot of free time being created for you and your family!

What is Home Automation?

Listen as our Director, Stephen Gibson, discusses all things home automation.

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