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An interview with Acoustic Pixel Director, Stephen Gibson

How do you describe what Acoustic Pixel does?

Acoustic Pixel is an Audio Visual business serving 2 distinct markets

Commercial Clients – by using audio visual technology, we help businesses collaborate and communicate with their colleagues and customers. Sample projects might include video conferencing, digital signage, boardroom and meeting room technology, touchscreens, projection, video walls and sound systems. The AV systems we design and install make businesses more efficient and more productive.

Residential Clients – we use audio visual technology to transform how people enjoy and experience their homes. Sample projects might include the design and installation of bespoke home cinema rooms, TV surround sound systems, outdoor sound systems, golf simulators, full smart home automation, lighting control and CCTV/Security. Our home cinema installations can bring Hollywood to your Home and our Smart Home systems can automate thousands of household task so that you have the time to enjoy more of the things you love!

What problems does Acoustic Pixel solve for its customers?

For our residential clients we reduce the time spent on a number of mundane day to day household tasks (smart home automation) and give them the audio visual solutions to enjoy their time at home in a totally different way (home cinema room, golf simulator, sound systems etc).

For commercial clients the biggest problem we solve is poor communication! Our AV solutions (including digital signage, video walls, wireless presentation devices, video distribution, video conferencing, Boardroom AV etc) allow companies to distribute a variety of messages effectively, both internally and externally. We can help them get messages to customers when they need them and we can give companies the infrastructure so that their staff can communicate and collaborate efficiently.


Does Acoustic Pixel have a social benefit?

Absolutely. Our 6 seat cinema room showroom is made available as a ‘prize’ for charities to ‘auction’ off as a way of fundraising. We provide a private home cinema experience for the winning group in our home cinema demonstration room which features a 4K projector, 2.5m screen, a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos sound system and reclining cinema seating! We make sure the guests are looked after with drinks and popcorn too! Any charities wanting to utilise the showroom as a prize, can just get in touch and we will be happy to accommodate.

Equally as important, we believe that the work that we do has a direct social impact too. For example, many of our commercial audio visual projects are aimed at improving the audio visual infrastructure of businesses. One of the many spin off benefits of investing in AV technology is that staff are able to work more flexibly – they don’t need to commute as much when they can attend and contribute to virtual meetings from home. Successfully incorporating Audio Visual technology should help with your work/life balance and hopefully reduce the stress from daily commutes. While the reduction in staff travel helps with saving money, it also has obvious impacts on cutting your carbon footprint. That is just one example! We believe that many Acoustic Pixel solutions can help people enjoy their life more, reduce business costs and contribute environmentally too!

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What are Acoustic Pixels goals?

Our on-going goal is to build a reputation for providing the best value audio visual service possible. We are never going to be the cheapest because we value the knowledge of our staff and the quality of our solutions. Our Technical Director, Simon, is educated to Masters level in audio related subjects, certified by THX in Home Cinema Design and has been manufacturer trained in multiple control systems. We design and install AV solutions that work properly because we want long term client relationships not just quick wins.

What we will do is provide the best value for money. We will care about your project and the end result, we will be a pleasure to work with and our AV systems will give you the best possible solution for your budget.
Long term, we would consider expanding geographically. The North East and Yorkshire are our main focus today but we know that there are significant opportunities (and competition) in the South East for our services.

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